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From the Paws Up 

With the help of Kristal, we have the peace of mind to actually relax on our vacation without constantly  worrying about how the "kids" are doing. Kristal gives daily updates and sometimes even sends pictures of the dogs while we are away. We have nothing but high praise for From The Paws Up and would recommend Kristal without reservation! 


Our dog Elwood loves his fabulous twice weekly walks with Kristal so much that he lets out a little yelp of delight when he hears her coming up the drive. He's so much happier and healthier for all of Kristal's super care.


We have been using From the Paws Up pet sitting services for over a year now and highly recommend Kristal's services. Kristal is so attentive and wonderful with our dog. She is reliable and her love for animals is extremely obvious. The daily updates we receive are great!! The love and care Kristal provides our dog during each and every visit and her dedication and commitment to helping us keep our dog HAPPY are greatly appreciated. We know our dog is in great hands!!

Kristal has known Bo since we adopted him as a puppy. She visited him daily during the week throughout his puppy months to play, go for walks and assist in the all-important potty breaks. My husband and I work too far from home to have the luxury of stopping by over lunch to give our new little puppy a break from the kennel. This was a huge concern for us so when we found Kristal through her website we were eager to meet her and talk through her services. We were impressed from the very beginning with her professionalism, her obvious care for animals and her extensive training in the field of caring for animals. I cannot say enough about how Kristal has been such an important part of Bo’s life. Now that Bo is older, we still jump at the opportunity to reach out to her whenever Mom and Dad have a date night, a work event that goes late or anything else that may make his day a little too long. She is very good about sending us a follow up after her visit with a cute picture of their fun time together. We are very comfortable with her in our house and are extremely happy she is part of our lives!


Kelsey, YOU did a great job taking care of Teddy!!! It sure made a big difference in Teddy's behavior when he stayed in his own house while we were gone. I/We really enjoyed the messages you sent with the photo's. I am sure Teddy will look forward to the next time you come over. The service you provided was awesome!!. Thank you again!! 


From the Paws Up (Kristal) has been a great service for us to use while we both are working and/or traveling for work.  You can always rely on her and she always provides a status/update on what her and the dogs did and sometimes emails us a picture of what they were up too!  We've used other services in the past and no other service compares to this.  Our stay at home neighbors have even provided us great feedback on how well Kristal does caring for them and taking them on their walks!!


Kristal is so good with them and they look forward to their walks with her. She is a natural with animals. She knows I am a little OCD with my animals and sends me an update after the walks letting me know how they did. She has stayed with them for overnights when I am gone and it's such a good feeling to know they're in such good hands. I recently got a new dog who is so nervous and he took to her right away. She has worked so well with him and I am so blessed that we found her. I plan on keeping her forever because she has become a part of the family and we all just love her so much. We are truly blessed to have found her. I HIGHLY recommend her. 

We have been using From the Paws Up for all of our pet sitting needs since we moved to the area, and couldn't be more pleased with the service.  Kristal is professional, flexible, detail-oriented, and her service is reliable.  It's such a relief to leave town and know that our three dogs are receiving great care.  We highly recommend From the Paws Up to any pet lover!


We have been working with Kristal/From the Paws Up since March of 2013.  She has provided us with professional, reliable & excellent care of our two cats when we are out of town.  In addition to twice daily feedings and play time she does extra things like bring in the mail, manage our trash bins and best of all communicates with us during our trips.  Text, photo and video updates are appreciated and make us feel much better about being away.  Kristal is flexible when we have been delayed returning home and also when last minute trips arise.   Having a dependable pet sitter is invaluable to us and From the Paws Up is our first call after scheduling a trip; we highly recommend From the Paws Up and the services they provide. 


Arrow and his family are very lucky to have you as a part of our extended family. Your dedication in being there for Arrow ( sometimes even at very short notices), taking care of him (in the way he likes) and keeping him relaxed when we travel have given us an unprecedented peace of mind. We were not able to attain these services from other providers neither we were we able to cultivate any relationship with them. You treat Arrow like one of your own and that matters a lot. Your love and care is very obvious when we see our pet interact with you.


Here's what our clients have to say about us...

My experience with From The Paws Up was nothing short of amazing.  I travel a lot, for both work, and personal reasons, and leaving my fur babies behind always makes me sad.  I knew from the moment I had my in home visit that Kristal would do an amazing job taking care of my cats.  Not only did she make sure their needs were met, she actually enjoyed spending time with them and playing with them to make sure they felt loved.  They barely even knew I was gone!  Having your pets stay in the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings takes most of the stress out of separation.  I highly recommend From The Paws Up for your pets if you are looking for someone who will treat them with love!