Your Pet Wedding Attendant

Ceremony & Photos 

Rehearsal plus 4 hours on day of event.



Please be honest and carefully consider if your pet will be comfortable joining you for part of your big day.  Will your pet be calm in large crowds or in noisy situations?  Do they enjoy car rides?  Does your pet know basic obedience commands?  How well does your pet handle meeting new people? If you think your pet may be stressed by this type of situation, it may be fair to both of you to have them stay in the comfort of their home.  In this case, a photo display of you with your pet would be a nice way to incorporate them into your day without stressing either of you out.  

Venue: Does your venue allow pets?  This is something that should be outlined in the contract you sign with them.  We can work with your wedding planner to ensure pets are welcome.  

New clients: we require a minimum of 2 pet sitting visits after the consultation to familiarize ourselves with your pet and vice versa. This chance to establish a bond before the event will make a substantial difference in your pet's comfort level at the venue. 

​​Let us help make your biggest day even more special by having your furry friend present for your wedding!  We can take the stress out of transportation and managing your pet(s) during the ceremony, photos or both! 

Kelsey, our Best Pet Specialist, can work directly with your wedding planner so you don't have to worry.  She will ensure your pet is exercised before the festivities. Transportation to and from the venue is included and your pet will be dressed in whatever you’ve selected. We also include a custom “Best Pet” leash! Kelsey will be available to care for your pet during photo shoots, the walk down the aisle or whatever other role you have planned for them. She will transport your animal home safely, allow for a bathroom break, feed them dinner and tuck them in for the night! 



For reservations please call:



Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

From the Paws Up 

Both Best Pet Packages include:

  • Consultation

  • Coordination with your wedding planner.

  • Short walk before transport and another short walk upon arrival to calm and familiarize pet with the area.
  • Transportation to/from the venue. (Mileage fees apply to event sites beyond our Service Area)

  • Light brushing as needed.

  • Dress pet(s) as requested.

  • Custom “Best Pet” leash!

  • Supervision/assistance of pet as needed.

  • Feeding (client provides food/treats) and water as required.

  • Waste cleanup and disposal as needed.

Photo by a.photographer/Amanda Gahler

Best Pet

Photos Only 

2 hours on day of event.