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in-home Pet Sitting In Waconia

Hi!  My name is Kathy.  I live in Waconia, MN.  I am married and a stay at home mom to a 10 year old and a 7 year old. We also have a dog named Bailey who is our baby.  ALL of my kiddos are very active and keep me hopping!  I grew up around many different kinds of animals and we always treated them as part of the family (even my pet cow!).  I am very excited to join the From the Paws Up team and get to spend my time with animals! 

Hi!  My name is Traci and I live in Minnetrista MN.  I am married and a stay at home mom to a 12yr old son and 9yr old twin daughters.  I have two sweet and crazy pups.  Jack is a blue heeler/border collie mix and LOVES to watch tv!  Josie, aka JoJo, is a treeing walker coon hound mix and enjoys using her voice as well as chasing chipmunks! I have had dogs my entire life with a few cats and birds along the way. Animals are such an important part of our lives and I am very excited to work with From the Paws Up and spending time with yours!


Hi! I'm Kristal, the owner of From the Paws Up! My pet sitting business was born out of a couple necessities.

 First - I hated the fact that my own dog spent long hours alone while I was at the office.  It broke my heart! Second—while I was lucky enough to have friends or family pet sit my dog when I was out of town, I wondered what did everyone else do? What if they didn’t have family nearby? What if they didn’t want to impose on a friend or neighbor?  They needed a professional they could trust! Lastly—The idea of spending my days with animals sounded so much better than sitting at a desk! I like being outside and I don't sit still very well. So, I said goodbye to corporate life and hello to being surrounded by paws, tails and fur!  I haven’t looked back. I understand the uncertainty behind finding someone trustworthy to care for your pets—they are like your children, just hairier!  Not to mention, what about the security and privacy of your home?  You want someone who is insured and bonded.  You want someone who is responsible and who understands pet behavior and knows pet first aid. You want someone who does this for a living, not a hobby.  Professional pet sitters have the experience and training necessary to handle pets with the love and respect they deserve.  This is what I do, and I love it!